Wearables London Pre-WTS2017 Meetup

So in the build up to the Wearable Tech Show at ExCel today, we hooked up with Wearables London and FashNerd for a pre-show event organised by Carl Thomas of Audiowings. Random location aside, James Hayward of IDTechEx put forward a well justified reality check on the Wearable Tech industry.

It was great to hear that the Wearables market is indeed as big and multi-faceted as we predicted it would be and that the rate of innovation is not diminished by the tales of doom from commentators in the mainstream, who are rightfully reporting the public disillusionment with under performing Wearables and providing sub-standard User Experience.

The choice of FashNerd as a partner of the night is a good one and shows that as we move into 2017, the collaborations, partnerships and interplay between disciplines are going to be what drives Wearables 2.0, where seamless interaction between people, objects and the internet will move us on from the 8-bit world of the Fit-Bit.


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