Wearable Biofeedback Product

Prototype Development

BioSelf Technology is a UK technology start-up, who are building a highly innovative cloud-connected wearable product that makes advanced use of sensor technologies and biofeedback to enhance a person’s wellbeing and reduce the effects of stress.

Why us?

BioSelf returned to us after the Discovery Session we ran gave them and their SEIS investors high confidence in their technology approach. The team we had presented at the discovery session were also a perfect fit for the next phase of development.

How we worked together

After the Discovery Session earlier in the year, we developed a Proof of Principle technology to validate the product concept with early users. Based on user testing, we then went on to build a prototype demonstrator system of the technology to show to potential investors

Relevant product development expertise

  • Concept generation
  • Wearable technology
  • Connected products
  • Smart data processing
  • Sensor technologies
  • De-risking technology
  • User testing


The Product Demonstrator allowed the BioSelf board to pitch the business to EIS investors with a justifiable and solid valuation.


We are now collaborating on developing and refining the product as the next step in the journey to market, where our experience and skills in taking a product to market will become key to getting the product to a mass market.