BioSelf choose NDP as Wearables Product Development Partner


We are delighted to announce our latest collaboration with up and coming technology startup, BioSelf Technology Ltd on product development of their innovative wellness wearable. NDP will be working with BioSelf to deliver technology for their new Sensate wellbeing wearable. We will be working alongside the BioSelf team to rapidly develop and then deliver to market a revolutionary meditation and relaxation … Read More

Spotlight Series : Product Development

idea to product

Product Development can be a wonderful journey. Always unique and usually animated it is made personal by the mavericks, innovators and visionaries who have dared to step outside of their comfort zone to dream that their idea can become a world class product.

Welcome to Nine Degree Products

Nine Degree Products are today delighted to launch our new website and blog. After a fantastic opening year for our company, we have decided to revamp our online presence to better represent what we stand for and to give our customers better information about how we can help make wearables and IoT come to life.